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Windows Terminal Preview 1.6 is out with Settings UI

Microsoft today released a new preview of Windows Terminal that finally includes presets. A user-friendly interface allows you to change the application settings without having to modify the JSON file.

Windows Terminal is a modern console tool for command line users that changes the way you work with command line, PowerShell, and WSL in Windows 10. With tabs, shell profiles, keyboard shortcuts, and an incredibly beautiful user interface, it makes the most of your options. It features a GPU-accelerated text rendering engine based on DirectWrite/DirectX, which makes it very enjoyable.

The Windows terminal is fully opened. With its tabbed interface, it organizes the command line, PowerShell, and the Windows subsystem for Linux instances into a single application.


The new user interface is in alpha format and may be unstable. It is therefore hidden by default. To use it, you must first activate it manually.

Add the following action to the settings.json file to assign Ctrl+Shift+, to open the settings.

Command: {action: openSettings, target: settingsUI }, keys: ctrl+shift+, },

The good news is that your current configuration file is automatically backed up.

So it seems.


Microsoft hopes to improve the accessibility and usability of keyboard navigation and provide the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts through settings.

Other amendments include

Start actions

The Windows terminal now supports the startupActions parameter, which you can use to specify command line arguments for the wt.exe application. An example configuration is shown below.

// Starting the multi-tab terminal
startupActions: new-tab; new-tab

// Terminal boot with a tab split into a PowerShell pane and an Ubuntu pane
bootActions: split pane -p PowerShell; split pane -p Ubuntu

Progress indicator

A new progress bar appears above the tab icon, indicating that the task is in progress.

Pixel Shader

You can now use the HLSL pixel shaders for your profile to get something similar:

This is an experimental feature that can be activated with the following option.

experimental.pixelSchaderEffect : C:³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³³

Finally, new actions are proposed, including scrollToTor, scrollToBottom for the order history, moveFocus for the last used page and moveTabs to reorganize the opened tabs.

See the official announcement for all the changes.

Windows Terminal 1.5 Stable

In the meantime, Microsoft is releasing a stable version of the application. The Windows 1.5 terminal includes all the changes discussed here and here.

Download Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a Microsoft Store application, so you can either get it from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub versions page.

Like the stable release, a preview version of the application is also available for download from the Microsoft Store and the GitHub release page.

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