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Top 7 GBA emulators for Windows 10

The Game Boy Advanced was a very popular portable game system released by Nintendo. Although we don’t really have one at Kandid, we still like to play the classic from time to time.

In this article, we look at the top seven GBA emulators for Windows 10, so you can enjoy your favorite classic again.

One of the most popular mGBA and one of the best GameBoy emulators if you want to play the classics on your PC. The emulator is efficient enough to play most games without performance problems on almost any hardware.

Top 7 GBA emulators for Windows 10 |

Some features have been left out because the developer wants to keep the emulator simple and user-friendly. You get support and patches for most, if not all, popular GBA games, as well as cheat codes.

The mGBA emulator can be downloaded here

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Another very popular GBA emulator circulating on the Internet is No$GBA. It supports almost all games. It is also the only DS emulator that works under DOS.

Top 7 GBA emulators for Windows 10 |

The emulator doesn’t develop quite as it should, but it still works very well with almost all the games you run on it, with a bug here and there. You can customize the games to suit your needs

You can download the No$GBA emulator here.

Another good option with a name similar to GBA. This emulator originally worked with a lag, but has since been optimized for almost all hardware configurations.

Top 7 GBA emulators for Windows 10 |

The emulator supports cheat codes, button redirection for controllers and even allows players to take screenshots or record their game.

You can download the VisualBoy Advance Emulator here

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This emulator is not only one of the best GBA emulators, but also the simplest. You don’t get any flashy features, it’s just an emulator, that’s all you get.

Top 7 GBA emulators for Windows 10 |

Due to its simplicity, the emulator takes up a minimum of space on the computer, which also contributes to its flawless performance on low-power computers.

You can download the BatGBA here

The Higan emulator is a small and very versatile software that can work not only with GBA games, but also with Famicom, Super Famicom and Sega Master System games, as well as with other popular consoles. It also offers probably the best color reproduction/correction of all GBA emulators.

Top 7 GBA emulators for Windows 10 |

The only downside to all this versatility is that you can get serious performance problems on a relatively weak computer.

You can download the Higan emulator here

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Boycott Advnace is a fairly robust and, you guessed it, highly advanced GBA emulator that can easily handle any game you throw at it.

Top 7 GBA emulators for Windows 10 |

The emulator even comes with an expansion pack that adds support for USB joysticks and gamepads. Support for full screen and audio mode, and an extra boost to the game’s opening speed.

You can download Boycott Advance here

It is one of the oldest GBA emulators to support multiplayer games for up to 4 players on a computer, as it is not yet network compatible. Given the multiplayer patch that came out in 2004, it might as well sail.

Either way, you still have support for multiple languages, and the emulator will work in almost all games. Just make sure you have a PC with adequate performance.

You can download RascalBoy Advance here

It should be noted that the site linked above is a third-party alternative, as the official site was closed at the time of writing.

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