This is What Pops Up on Your Animal Crossing TV at 3 AM! | Meeting Aliens in Animal Crossing

Have you ever seen Animal Crossing on television at 3 a.m.? Otherwise, here’s what you need to have before you watch Animal Crossing TV at 3:00 in the morning.

We also discuss how we can meet strangers in Animal Crossing? Have you ever thought about meeting strangers in Animal Crossing? If not, this article is for you. Here we’re going to discuss some of the secrets of Animal Crossing that you may not know, because most users don’t focus on those secrets that can be found all over your island in Animal Crossing, and watching Animal Crossing TV at 3 a.m. is one of those secrets that you may not want to miss.

Animal Crossing TV at 3 a.m.

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Did you ever turn on the television at Animal Crossing at 3 a.m., and if so, did you see anything suspicious on the television, and if so, what? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, keep scrolling through this article and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

So, enough talk, let’s dedicate ourselves to watching Animal Crossing at 3 a.m. on television, shall we?

If you watch TV in Animal Crossing, you should have done so at some point during the game, whether you have a task to complete or just have the TV on for entertainment. But do you know what happens when you watch television at 3 a.m. in Animal Crossing?

Если вы когда-нибудь включали телевизор в 3:33 утра ночью в Animal Crossing, то на несколько секунд вы увидите статический экран, а затем то вы – это инопланетянин, изображение будет не таким четким, но это изображение статичным не но делать, и и того, как вы увидите инопланетянина, которое тоже статично и стоящего стоящего, раз изображении видеть будет четким видеть будет с раз.

Подождав ещё ещё несколько секунд, вы увидите другого инопланетянина, и на этот раз это статичная инопланетная картинка. Инопланетянин будет говорить то, чего вы не поймете, так что вам нужно послушать этого инопланетянина еще несколько секунд, а после этого на вашем просто телевизоре, но означает НЛО?

Чтобы об НЛО пери пересечении животных, читайте следующий раздел.

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Watching Animal Crossing TV at 3 in the morning and meeting strangers

After the image of the UFO, the screen will be static again at 3:34 am. It’s been a minute since you’ve received an alien message and to hear it you have to turn on the television at 15.33 hours.

Then turn off the television and go to the top of the rose garden. Then you need to get to the satellite, the dish sweepers and the points on the UFO. Once the satellite has stopped scanning for UFOs, you should go directly to the top of the garden, near the sea.

The UFO lands here in the garden and an alien comes out, which must be very small, something you wouldn’t expect in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Now you can meet the alien, that’s all. So you meet an alien while watching Animal Crossing on TV at 3:00 in the morning.

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So it’s about knowing what’s on your pet TV at 3 in the morning.

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I hope you enjoy our approach, which will be broadcasted on your TV at 3 a.m.! |Meet extraterrestrials through animals.


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