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Sunset Drive 1986 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

This guide describes the steps for playing Sunset Drive 1986. Learn basic operations, vehicle settings and more. If you want to be a better driver on Sunset Drive 1986, you should check out our guide below.

Sunset Drive 1986 Beginner’s Guide


Setting up the external vehicle

Other than your car, you can initially choose from a number of cars that you want. You only have one car. As you begin, you can unlock more cars as you progress through the game. You can choose any color for the car.

Adaptation of the interior of the vehicle

It is possible to acquire various items inside, which can be purchased with the game currency. When you buy something, it is placed in the vehicle, above the dashboard.

Installation of the garage

By pressing the house button at the bottom left of the screen, you can equip your garage with various items that you can buy with the game’s currency, as well as furniture.

Missions and updates


In Missions, you have 50 missions to complete. If you complete the task, you get a reward. The reward is a certain amount, depending on the difficulty of the mission.


In the updates, you can update the engine level, shift speed, steering, brakes, and nitro time. You can update something with the money. The more you improve something, the more it will cost you to make it even better. You can also get a money multiplier that increases the amount of money you earn as you progress.

Game parameters and driving

Game settings

In the game settings you can select one of the four game modes. Free Ride is what it seems, as it is a sandbox type game mode. When the speed limit is set, you must stay above the set speed. Indicated speed increases with time, so just stay above the indicated speed and try not to get caught. In the race for time, you must travel as far as possible before stopping when your time runs out. In the program Distance Rush you have to reach a certain point as fast as possible. It was essentially a speed race.

There are options in the game settings that allow you to cut off traffic and only use straight roads, but choosing these options will reduce rewards, so if you want the best rewards, don’t play with these options. You can choose the time of day that suits you. There’s morning, noon, and night. Time-of-day options do not affect pay.


Keyboard commands :

  • Press the arrow keys or WASD to control the vehicle.
  • You can hold down the shift key to use nitro if you have it.
  • You can press the E button to shift to a higher gear and the Q button to shift to a lower gear.
  • You can change the camera view by pressing the C button. You can enter cruise control by pressing the Z button. And you can pause the game with the Escape button.

Controls for the Xbox controller :

  • Use knob A for control and the left thumb stick for control.
  • You can use nitroglycerin if you have it, and store it in the RB/R1.
  • Press RT/R2 to switch to a higher speed and LT/L2 to switch to a lower speed.
  • You can change the camera view by pressing LB/L1.
  • You can switch to cruise control by pressing button B.
  • And you can pause the game by pressing the Y button.

You can change the keyboard and joystick in the settings if you want to play with different buttons/buttons.

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