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Pinecone Locations Genshin Impact | Where to Find Pinecone in Genshin Impact? (Jan 25)

The pine cone is one of the easiest objects to find and if you still can’t find it, we have a guide to find the pine cone at Genshin Impact or to find out where to find the pine cone at Genshin Impact, take a look.

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Finding Pinecone in Genshin Impact is one of the easiest tasks in the game. To find pins in Genshin Impact, just look for pins under the trees and you can collect pins from the ground under the trees.

Before you know how to find lots of pine cones in Genshin Impact, you need to know what a pine cone is and why it is needed.

Thus, according to the official description of the subject Pinecone, the pinecone is filled with oil-rich seeds, and from the inside of a squirrel’s stomach, the pinecone does not turn into a tree.  The pine cones, which are easily found among the pine cones in the Genshin Impact, should be placed. To find the pine cone, you must look for the light board and pick up the pine cone.

Why are pine cones found in Genshin?

You must find these pins as they are requested at the wonderful merchandise event at the Genshin Impact. Miracle Goods is currently open from 23. January at 4 p.m. until January 31, local time, active. You get a reward when you exchange these pin candies. In addition, you are entitled to multiple items for one item.

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Here we give you a list of all the places where you can easily find pine cones to look for.

Correspondence Locations Influence of Genshin: Where can I find pins in Genshin Impact?

Here you will find pine cones, under the pine trees:

  • The first place where you can easily see pine cones under the trees is Stormbearer Mountain, where you can easily see up to 10 pine cones in total.
  • The second place where 9 pine cones are very easy to find is the village of Quince. Here in the Village of the Queen, you will find these pine cones on the bridge on the west side of the Village of the Queen.
  • The third and final place where you can easily find things like pine cones is Wolvendom. Volvendom is located in the northern part of Dawn Winery where scattered pins can be seen, but there are no confirmed quantities that can be obtained there. You will find many in Anemo Boss, which is in the west.
  • You can see those pins on the north side very clearly.

In this beautiful lantern ritual, we pray for fallen heroes to be brought home.

Every wish, no matter how small, deserves to be fulfilled.

In one amazing night, we are finally reunited with the ones we want to be with.

– Peimon (@GenshinImpact) January 22, 2021

So these are all places where you can easily find pine cones. If you are having trouble finding these pine cones in these areas, please let us know in the comments and we will do our best to solve your problem.

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We hope you enjoy the approach of Pinecone Locations Genshin Impact | Where to find Pinecone at Genshin Impact?


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