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A leak in Windows 10X reveals new user interface improvements Microsoft has made to Windows 10X. As we now know, Windows 10X will only be available on newer devices. But Microsoft hosts its files on its servers. That way we could all see what would happen.

Windows 10X is a lighter version of Windows 10 that lacks a significant number of desktop features. It does not run desktop applications and does not even allow the user to create and use a local account. Screenshots and animation are of building 20279. Some of these UI changes will also be available on the desktop with the Sun Valley project.

Windows 10 Sun Valley : Fresh start, taskbar, overview and features

Start menu

The Windows 10X boot menu is similar to that of Android launchers. It does not support folders and displays a list of applications in a grid. As you know, the operating system does not yet support Win32 applications. The icons are therefore designed for the App Store and Progressive Web Apps, which are websites that run in desktop mode and are tightly integrated with the operating system.

New start menu

However, Windows 10X includes a path layer that allows old Win32 API calls to be translated into modern UWP APIs. The Edge application you see in the above screenshot is a native Win32 application that uses this layer.

The start menu is still unreliable in this version and has some hiccups.

Windows 10X quality (h/t @ADeltaXForce)

– 13. Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) January 2021

Boot logo

The startup animation in Windows 10X has an updated WinUI 3 rotating logo instead of the Win8 style with circles.

Windows 10X uses the WinUI 3 spinner at startup instead of the circles introduced in Windows 8

– Yellowfin tuna (@thebookisclosed) January 13, 2021


We’ve already seen what OOBE is and the Windows 10X installation experience. The OOBE (out-of-box experience) is the experience a user has when preparing for the first use of a new product. In Windows, this includes the process of installing and/or configuring the hardware initially, configuring the privacy settings, and adding a user account to the operating system.

– Yellowfin tuna (@thebookisclosed) January 14, 2021

Action centre

The Action Center has been completely redesigned for Windows 10X. It now has separate notifications for shortcuts, application controls and settings.

Action center

– 13. Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) January 2021

Here is a screenshot of what it should look like.

Windows 10x Actioncenter.webp

New sounds

Windows 10X includes a whole new set of sounds. There is a BootUp.wav that is played when the operating system boots up. The other new sound is NotificationToast.wav, a notification sound. The set of new files contains :

  • AlertCharging.wav
  • BootUp.wav
  • CalendarReminder.wav
  • Standard.wav
  • DeviceConnect.wav
  • DeviceConnectionError.wav
  • DeviceDisconnect.wav
  • DwellCommit.wav
  • DwellHover.wav
  • HWLock.wav
  • KbdPenCharging.wav
  • KbdPenDisconnect.wav
  • Low Critical Battery Alert.vave
  • MessageNudge.wav
  • NewMessageNotification.wav
  • NoticeMail.wav
  • NotificationToast.wav
  • Monitoring of .wav user accounts
  • 1400hz_384ms.wav
  • 1800hz_500ms.wav
  • 400 Hz+25 Hz_400ms.wav
  • 400Hz+450Hz_384ms.wav
  • 400Hz+450Hz_400ms.wav
  • 400Hzx20Hz_1000ms.wav
  • 400Hzx24Hz_500ms.wav
  • 400Hzx33Hz_400ms.wav
  • 400hz_1000ms.wav
  • 400hz_200ms.wav
  • 400hz_300ms.wav
  • 400hz_375ms.wav
  • 400hz_384ms.wav
  • 400hz_500ms.wav
  • 400hz_600ms.wav
  • 400hz_750ms.wav
  • 420Hzx40Hz_1000ms.wav
  • 420Hzx40Hz_150ms.wav
  • 420Hzx40Hz_500ms.wav
  • 420hz_1000ms.wav
  • 420hz_400ms.wav
  • 425Hzx50Hz_1000ms.wav
  • 425Hzx50Hz_2000ms.wav
  • 425hz_1000ms.wav
  • 425hz_1000ms_170ms_425hz_330ms.wav
  • 425hz_100ms.wav
  • 425hz_1200ms.wav
  • 425hz_1250ms.wav
  • 425hz_1500ms.wav
  • 425hz_150ms.wav
  • 425hz_1700ms.wav
  • 425hz_180ms.wav
  • 425hz_180ms_200ms_425hz_200ms.wav
  • 425hz_200ms.wav
  • 425hz_250ms.wav
  • 425hz_300ms.wav
  • 425hz_320ms.wav
  • 425hz_330ms.wav
  • 425hz_350ms.wav
  • 425hz_375ms.wav
  • 425hz_400ms.wav
  • 425hz_400ms_100ms_425hz_250ms_100ms_425hz_150ms.wav
  • 425hz_40ms.wav
  • 425hz_500ms.wav
  • 425hz_670ms_3000ms_425hz_1500ms.wav
  • 425hz_750ms.wav
  • 425hz_800ms.wav
  • 440Hz+480Hz_400ms.wav
  • 440hz_100ms.wav
  • 440hz_1700ms.wav
  • 440hz_1710ms.wav
  • 440hz_200ms.wav
  • 440hz_300ms.wav
  • 440hz_500ms.wav
  • 450hz_1000ms.wav
  • 450hz_1200ms.wav
  • 450hz_150ms.wav
  • 450hz_200ms_300ms_450hz_700ms.wav
  • 450hz_3000ms.wav
  • 450hz_330ms.wav
  • 450hz_350ms.wav
  • 480Hz+620Hz_500ms.wav
  • 480 Hz+62 Hz_500ms.wav
  • 480hz_2000ms.wav
  • 480hz_500ms.wav
  • 523hz_1500ms.wav
  • AccessDoBeep.wav
  • AccessDownSiren.wav
  • AccessHighBeep.wav
  • AccessKeyClick.wav
  • AccessLowBeep.wav
  • AccessUpSiren.wav
  • RealizationNotifyPopup.wav
  • Alarm-01.wma
  • Alarm-02.wma
  • Alarm-03.wma
  • Alarm-04.wma
  • Alarm-05.wma
  • Alarm-06.wma
  • Alarm-07.wma
  • Alarm-08.wma
  • Alarm-09.wma
  • Alarm-10.wma
  • Alert-01.wma
  • Alert_find_phone.wma
  • An animated wave
  • BusyCDMA.wav
  • Besetzt_400Hz_375ms.wav
  • Besetzt_425Hz_330ms.wav
  • Besetzt_425Hz_375ms.wav
  • Besetzt_425Hz_480ms.wav
  • Besetzt_450Hz_170ms.wav
  • Calldrop.wav
  • Waiting time for .wav calls
  • CMAS.wma
  • Stagnant wave
  • CopyPaste.wav
  • dtmf0.wav
  • dtmf1.wav
  • dtmf2.wav
  • dtmf3.wav
  • dtmf4.wav
  • dtmf5.wav
  • dtmf6.wav
  • dtmf7.wav
  • dtmf8.wav
  • dtmf9.wav
  • dtmfast.wav
  • dtmfpd.wav
  • HWandSW.wav
  • ImeAddToDictionary.wav
  • ImeBluebirdOOV.wav
  • ImeSelectCandidate.wav
  • InCallBuzz.wma
  • LAT.wma
  • Locking.
  • NfcInRange.wma
  • NfcPaymentFail.wma
  • NfcPaymentSuccess.wma
  • NfcTransactionComplete.wma
  • PingRing.wav
  • Peep.Wave.
  • Call back.
  • Reorder.wav
  • Ring01.wma
  • Ringtone
  • Ringback_400Hz+450Hz.wav
  • Recall_400Hzx25Hz.wav
  • Recall_425Hzx25Hz.wav
  • Ringback_425Hz_1000ms.wav
  • Ringback_425Hz_1500ms.wav
  • Ringback_440Hz+480Hz_2000ms.wav
  • Ringback_440Hz_1500ms.wav
  • Ringback_450Hz_1500ms.wav
  • Unlock it.
  • WifiCallDrop.wav
  • WiFiConnected.wav
  • WiFiDisconnected.wav

Interested users can download the files here:

Download Windows 10X sounds

Protection against theft

Windows 10X will include a new anti-theft feature. This prevents others from rebooting your Windows 10X device so they can’t use it. This requires a password and PIN from a Microsoft account, just like Windows Phone in the past.

Devices running Windows 10X should be available in the spring of 2021.

Windows 10X was originally designed for two-screen devices, but Microsoft has changed its plans. The operating system now supports single-screen devices, such as Chromebooks, with similar limitations.

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