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New ammo for weaknesses? And “new” crafting in RE8? Speculation

Besides everything being nice and spectacular, including the inventory system, the two things that really caught my eye were the new/different types of ammo specifically mentioned in the pre-order bonuses, and the new crafting system. And I’m curious to see where this leads us, and could be the cause of more speculation about the game.

First: Ammunition. I couldn’t help but notice it in the game’s promotional materials, especially in the pre-order bonus for the most basic version of the game, the Survival Resource Pack. Link to what looks like this:

There are two new types of ammo, or what appears to be new. In the remakes of the RE7, RE2 and RE3 sets, the strengths of the cartridge-type models have been reworked so that they are all fairly uniform and consistent in the latest RE sets. But in this one we see a very different ammunition. At first I thought the green box was the typical shotgun type and would give you access to more ammo than before, but if you look at the box, it’s actually called Eagleye. And while the words Shot Sh~ are partially spelled out in yellow below, the sign of all the shells in the green boxes is Steel Boy. So maybe this new type of shotgun ammo has a different purpose? There is another cartridge in the picture, the Silver Wolf. The red frame usually designates the basic shotgun ammo, but like the shotgun, all basic ammo in recent RE sets is a consistent mark, Maximum Standard. You could trade your brands for the new region. It’s very plausible, and they’ve done it before. In RE4 and RE5 the brand of pistol ammo was Red Hawk, in RE6 Red Wing and so on, but at first glance it seems a bit too much that this ammo is called Silver Wolf, and we have a werewolf type enemy in the game that is generally weak against silver in tradition. This may be an indication that this ammo is most effective at destroying this type of enemy compared to standard ammo. So you’ll have to keep them for these enemies and trade them for normal standard enemy ammo, or when you REALLY need them if you don’t currently have any silver bullets on you. Maybe like the GM 79 in the RE2 remake or the MGL in the RE3 remake, you can switch from one type of ammo to another with the push of a button, just like you can switch from one type of ammo to another (acid, flame, explosive) in these weapons. Teres is also that the developer who presented the game during the event said that each of the individual enemies has their own behavior, so they may also have their own problems and weaknesses. It reminds me a bit of the Iron Maidens from RE4. They differ from other types of enemies not only in their behavior and the way they attack, but also in the way they are approached. You can shoot a bunch of projectiles at them until you destroy them, which will probably exhaust all your resources… or you can come prepared and use your infrared vision to locate their weak points and bring them down in 3-4 shots with accurate fire. This makes me even more excited about the game, as it gives a bit of the folkloric feel of supernatural hunting that has been lacking in the industry until now. Not exactly RE, but it’s amazing that we were able to get so much out of each title where we meet or hunt werewolves.

As for the craftsmanship, that part has me confused. I know it was more pseudo-craft than real craft in previous RE titles, but we always had it in some form. Of course, it was always pretty simple and straightforward, but there it was. But the way they talked about it in the presentation gave the impression that RE8 is in the process of becoming a truly creative system. However, the only examples he gave were on ammo and first aid, which is pretty much what we’ve always done…. but maybe on a deeper level now? They said the enemies would now throw money and equipment. So you can expect much more craftsmanship than in previous RE games. But now I don’t know why it was invented that way, when as far as I know we’ve always had it.

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Placing new ammunition for weak spots? What about the new vehicle in the RE8? Speculation for Game News.

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