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My friend Pedro touches the Nintendo Switch and the blood, bullets, and bananas become one. In the spirit of action movies like John Wick and The Matrix (all with a thrilling Keanu Reeves), the game immerses you in an action-heavy ball hell with a banana partner who talks and whispers in your ear who must kill the next one. What more do you want?

The story revolves around our friend Pedro, the talking banana who tells you who to kill. There’s not much for story-driven players, but thankfully the gameplay more than makes up for the almost non-existent story. Seeing Pedro appear on screen and smile after each kill was enough to keep me hooked.

My friend Pedro wants you to feel like the star of a big-budget action movie, and he gives you the tools to make it happen. The first is the ability to divide the target when using certain dual-use tools. You will often be surrounded by enemies on both sides. Don’t overdo the bananas! You can aim in two different directions to fight the bad guys from all sides!

The game also gives the player the ability to slow down time. The duration of this particular power-up is quite generous – meaning you have plenty of time to run and kill serious style combos. This mode does not make you immune to bullets and does not allow you to move at normal speed when everything is in place. You and your opponents will be slowed down, but this will give you a few more seconds to react and plan your next attack intelligently.

When you use these two skills in tandem, the game can really shine. It took me a while to get used to it (in fact, I probably still have a lot to learn), but once I got used to the game, my actions became much more fluid and I felt like I was finally playing the game the way it was supposed to be played. That doesn’t mean I tripped first like I slipped on a banana peel. My friend Pedro makes sure that every player, regardless of their level, can make many moves worth showing to their friends on social media.

The game is not very difficult, but I played it in normal mode, and there are two higher difficulty levels for hardcore players. However, there were a few moments when I was a little frustrated, but that was rarely the case. My friend Pedro has simple 2D puzzles for the platform game Parkour, where you don’t necessarily have to lean forward on the screen to wonder what to do next, but they’re still entertaining.

During this campaign of about five hours there were many different levels of variety, although some of them were terribly similar to the previous ones. I think this is mostly because the presentation level has a lot of common plants and sewer locations, so each level looks almost identical to the next, even though it has different problems and barriers.

Fortunately, some tracks are designed to break the mold and offer a unique effect on gameplay, such as at the engine level. I couldn’t get past this level without a big smile on my face. I also liked it when the game gave me a skateboard or other environmental objects. B. provided me with a frying pan, which I could push in the direction of the enemies and shoot at them to get effective bounce shots. Yes, it’s silly and eccentric, but it’s also fun.

My friend Pedro gives you different ways to clear the room, so two players won’t complete the level in exactly the same order. I have a feeling that many players will go through the levels of this game and discover new and interesting ways to get rid of enemies.

There have been a few times when the game has forced me to restart a level or reload the game. This was an annoyance that will hopefully be corrected in a future update to spare other players. Also, the respawn locations were mostly good, but a few times I was respawned in a group of enemies without being able to react – causing me to die over and over again before I could finally reload the level.

The graphics are clean with nice little details. While I would have liked to see more visual variety, the levels are still nice. The game looks pretty good in portable mode, but I think it was much easier to perform difficult moves with my Pro Controller.

The game features an EDM-like soundtrack that ranges from loud house beats to bass drums. As a fan of electronic music, it was my favorite part of the game. A great title was created for each level, perfectly capturing the atmosphere and contributing to the aesthetic of the entire action game.

My Friend Pedro is a game that 2D action fans should not miss. It is rich in potassium. There have been a few glitches and an overuse of the environment, but that more than makes up for it with raw chills and more than banana action.

My friend Pedro review
  • Charts – 8/10
  • Sound – 9/10
  • Gameplay – 9/10
  • Late Call – 8/10


Final thoughts : GRAND

Imagine that: Slow motion backflips on a skateboard as you shoot a frying pan to fire bullets to kill bad guys, all to appease your friend Pedro – a sensual banana. If that’s not good enough for you, I don’t know what to tell you.

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