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How To Summon And Beat The Elder Boss In Valheim

The Elder of Valheim is a retired final boss that you can summon and defeat for a reward. It is essentially a trophy that allows you to take the bus for a certain period of time. After you summon and defeat the first final boss, Eiktir (or Eiktirnir), you should be ready to summon and defeat the Elder in Valheim.

Location of Valheim’s previous boss – How to find a second boss

To find the location of the Elder (the second final boss), you must go to the Black Forest and find a rune stone. Talk to it and it will give you the Elder’s location on the map, but make sure there are Grey Dwarves or Trolls around.

Valheim Elder Boss Location How to Find Second Boss

How do you call an Elder to Valheim?

You must find three ancient seeds and sacrifice them in Alter’s place to summon the Elder in Valheim. You can find old seeds from the chests in the dungeons, but the best method is to fight Greidwarf’s beasts and shamans or destroy Greidwarf’s ancestors.

These enemies drop old seeds, but note that they are larger than the normal Greidwarf. However, the chances of getting 3 seeds from them are relatively low. A faster way is to destroy the spawning grounds of Greidwarfs, as these Greidwarfs spawn with different difficulty levels. Keep attacking the spawning area to eventually destroy it.

  • Greydwarf Brutes: This is a stronger version of the Greydwarf, and their melee attack is quite heavy, making them tough opponents.
  • Shamans: Be aware that shamans release a poison cloud that will hurt you. They can also heal other gray dwarves near them with the cloud, so be sure to deal with the shamans as soon as possible.

Once you have obtained 3 Ancient Seeds, you can go to the location of the Ancient Boss to summon the Elder by burning items. However, keep in mind that there may be other enemies to make this battle even more difficult.

How do you beat an old man in Valheim ?

This fight with the boss will be long and difficult if you do it alone. But with a little help, you can defeat Elder in Valheim. Be sure to use fire or bronze arrows for distance attacks and copper weapons for melee attacks.

How to Beat Elder in Valheim

The old boss attacks:

  • This boss can stomp on the floor and deal damage to neighboring players.
  • He will also lead the grape attacks against you.
  • From time to time, the opponent will summon Roots into the area by raising his hand.

how to kill roots elder boss fight

Tips on how to beat him:

  • Prepare for this fight by bringing a stack of health potions, because you will need them.
  • Watch out for other enemies spawning nearby and Roots. Attack them to focus on the main boss.
  • They need copper armor to protect them from the roots.
  • Inflict some damage with a few hits and get away from the Ancient and the Roots.
  • If you try to run away, he will follow you and he will not disappear. But if you run away from Roots, you can run away from yourself.
  • If the elder makes an attack aimed directly at you, dodge quickly and manage your stamina.
  • When an attack is made on the foot, make sure to dodge and then immediately come back to attack.
  • A good suggestion would be for the player to attack him with a scrum attack while the others attack him in the shower. You can also protect the melee player from Roots that can attack from the area.

Awards for managers

After defeating the Elder, players receive the Elder’s trophy and the keys to the swamp as a gift from the boss. By sacrificing this on the artificial stones, you gain the Elder’s power. This gives you the ability to cut down trees faster when activated.

Learn how to summon the wise man of the tribe to Valheim, find his location and defeat him here. Stay tuned for key tips and tricks for Valheim!

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