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How to complete the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge in the Carpathian Mountains in Hitman 3

In Hitman 3, the note Silent Assassin is the highest level you can achieve in a mission. If you received this message, it means that you only destroyed the target(s), that you were never seen by an enemy, that all surveillance video of you was taken away if seen by cameras, and that no corpse was seen by an NPC. In challenges, this is made even more difficult by the addition of a costume-only challenge, where you must complete the entire mission without leaving the disguise you started the .iIn Hit level with.

The final mission of the game in Carpathia is a bit different from all the other traditional maps in the game. It’s completely linear and takes place on a moving train, giving you less opportunity to hide and sneak around enemies. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can take the Silent Assassin in Suit Challenge in the Carpathians in Hitman 3 here.

Before we begin: This task is not very different from that of the specialist and the master. The whole time you are in a hostile environment and without a change of clothes that never changes. The only difference is that you only save once on the Master difficulty. For these purposes, we will note if you need to save the game only once. If you play the Pro, you can save as many times as you like if you don’t like the next steps.

Start the game in the lab, sneak up on the doctor and bring him under control. Put it in a locker nearby if you want an extra bill, but it doesn’t matter. Take the blue key card from the lab and open the door in front of you.

In the next room, two people are talking in front of a blackboard. Just bend over and walk to the right side of the room while they both look away. In the next room, enter the code 1979 on the keyboard, take the rusty crowbar and open the side door.

Now we have to get out because of the ice before we can go any further. Look up and get on the train. Have the Lone Providence agent come forward and send him here. You can collect the weapons the cops put down in this race, but we’ll never use them, so it’s up to you to decide if you care or not.

Get in the car. Get in the next car. All enemies are in the next room, so don’t worry about being seen here. Run to the back of the room and take the yellow valve. There is a slot to turn it on and open the roof door. Go upstairs. Go on.

Go up the next two floors and run to the roof until you can continue. Step down at the right side and enter the window. Sneak back to find a rusty nail and soda to use later on the map. After you take these two items, go through the left window in front of the talking and sleeping cops. Step forward into the train until you can get through the window.

In the next room, there are guards patrolling the corridor. Wait until his back is turned, enter the second room on the left and close the door. Wait for the guard to return and stay behind him to subdue him. Turn around and overpower another guard who is leaning against the wall. Run forward and jump over the magazines to reach a room with a workbench where a silencer for the weapon can be made. Again, we don’t use guns, so we don’t care.

The next room has a shortcut to the passenger compartment. If you unlocked it during the previous run, exit the window and move forward as far as possible. Go down on the left side, past the window and up to the roof. If you haven’t unlocked the shortcut, go to the next room and wait until the officer with the binoculars stops looking out the window. You have to go when he leaves to get to the same place.

Get back to the front of the train, go as far forward as possible and on the right side, not the left. Go out the window, go to the bar and lean over the talking cops. Leave the right window and go to the next window to access the secure area.

Enter the next room and go out through the window at the right side. Walk past the train and enter the room with the sleeper. There’s a rusty nail here you should pick up. On the other side of the corridor is a window you can jump through. Come quickly, we can’t let the cops see you.

Walk forward and get on the train, then fall back in front of the arsenal car. Go up the stairs on the left side, continue and get out on the left side of the car. Continue, going up and down for the second small path on the level – the container. You can walk or climb the shortcut and grab the safe on the ground. Don’t put it in the box here. You’ll need it after a while. Take the officer upstairs and take the front stairs on the left.

There are a lot of cops on the front lines. Wait until the judge is gone and turn on the fuse to overload the light and blind everyone in that area. Run forward and overpower the last guard on that platform. If it’s near the green container, post it here. Otherwise, shove it into the next room and hide it in a drawer next to the two guards at the table. The other guards you missed will start searching, but don’t worry, it won’t affect your score.


Wait until the left officer bows and comes out, then subdues the one left behind and hides him in a box. Straight ahead in this room is a box on the right, you can open it here with a rusty nail or a rusty crowbar for the safe you need in the next room. On the other hand, there is a toolbox. It is very important that you touch the claw hammer there. A screwdriver is also useful, but this requires a hammer.

Before you go through the next door, make sure that the two cops on your left who are going in and out don’t look at you. One patrols the car and the other has to wait to sit on the side of the train to work on something. Run and put the fuse in the box to blind everyone here again. Run forward, over the tank and into the next room.

This is the place right in front of the costume office where you want to save money if you’re playing a master of trouble, just like everyone else. One reason is that we’re nearing the end, the other is that we’ve already gone through this level twice in Silent Assassin and the initial recognition of office workers is very thorough.

Sometimes he crosses the wall and sees you pass, and sometimes he sees you when he seems to be looking away. You can distract him to come to you and overpower him when the guard turns away, which we recommend, but there is also the option of passing in front of him and overpowering the guard to hide him in one of the rooms. Remember, if you’re up against a wall, you can check it without it being detected, even if it’s looking in your direction.

After taking care of the guards, go to the next room. Stand forward on the left side of the door, open the door and throw something into the opposite corner to distract the woman on her desk. Humiliate her and take her to the bathroom cabinet in the previous room.


There are now two ways to get past the next two people. The safest way first, but you had to take a screwdriver. Stick the water fountain to the right so the office worker can check for leaks, and when he’s close enough, do the same as for the woman, and lure her to a smaller room. You can then distract the guard with objects and get him out.

For a riskier path without the screwdriver, crouch down and walk slowly until the guard notices you. If his discovery puts you in danger, go back to the small room. It will go around the neighborhood, giving you a chance to take it out and sneak in front of the clerk’s door. It’s all about the timing here. If you go too fast, he won’t investigate, but if you go too slow, your silent killer rating will disappear.


There’s one more hurdle to clear before we get to Edwards. Hit the first woman you see in the next room with your claw hammer. For some reason you can’t strangle them like people in wheelchairs.

Take the hammer and take cover behind the first table. Drop the hammer to attract the male worker, sneak up and subdue him. Take it to the first worker you knocked out so the last woman doesn’t happen to see it.


Pick up the hammer, leave it with the worker and run to subdue him and take down your last threat.

All you have to do is pull the lever on the door to unlock the cars behind you, enter the office and kill Edwards. By completing the level, you will receive five stars and Silent Murderer’s ranking on the overview page.