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Hitman 3: Dubai Chameleon Challenge

To complete the Hitman 3 Dubai Chameleon Challenge, you must collect and wear all the different costumes for the mission. Some are easy to obtain, while others require careful planning and follow-up. To help you play the game, here is a guide with where to find all the Hitman 3 Dubai Chameleon costumes. The best part of the challenge is that you can do this during the many missions you have to complete to get all the achievements on the map. Let’s take a look at the Chameleon Dubai Challenge.

How do you finish the Dubai Chameleon Tournament in Hitman 3?

It’s the whole list of disguises and access they give Agent 47 in Dubai.

Artistic group

Getting a cape for the artistic team is a little tricky, because all the members of the artistic team are concentrated in the control room on the third floor. You have to carefully pull one of them into the covered area, or fill and cover the crew room. This allows you to enter every area of the first four floors except the security rooms.


As part of the Birds of Prey Story mission, you can disguise yourself as Zan “Vulture” Kazem. This will give you access to all areas on level 5 except the security room and the server room.

Event Security

There is a lone guard at the entrance to the main lobby. This allows you to enter any area of the first four floors, including the security rooms.

Employees of the event

Go to the staff room on the second floor and use code 4706 to check on the two staff members inside. This disguise gives you the same freedom of movement as the team of performers.

A renowned chef

This coat can be obtained during the “Choose Your Gift” quest. Go to any location on the top three floors, except the server room and the security room.

Helicopter Pilot
Dubai Chameleon Challenge

It can be obtained during the Rotor Man mission. Go to the helicopter platform on level 3 to find the pilot next to the helicopter. Thanks to this camouflage, you can go anywhere in the first five levels except backstage in the art gallery, private bar, security room and server room.

Ingram’s bodyguard

From the helicopter pad, go down the hallway and up the stairs to Ingram’s room. Once he is inside and using the computer, you can take out a bodyguard in the room and remove his disguise. This will give you access to all floors and throughout the building.

Kitchen staff

The kitchen is on the first floor, you have to search or ace in a secluded area. Make sure you have some kind of paneling that gives you access to the kitchen. This will give you access to all the rooms on the first four floors except the art gallery backstage areas, the private bar and the security rooms.

Technical staff

Go to the warehouse on the third floor. Deliver the workers there and get their disguises. Enter the room on the first five levels, the courtyard, the outdoor room and the ventilation room on the sixth level. There is no access to the stairs between the fourth and sixth levels.

The penthouse keeper

You can purchase it while participating in the Nightcrawlers challenge. This cape gives you permission to enter the room, the same as Ingram’s bodyguard cape mentioned earlier.

Apartment staff

It is easily accessible from the fourth floor. Go to the cafeteria and look for the picture with the X markings everywhere. Go down the next hallway and through the first door on the right. There you will find the staff of the single penthouse. This will give you access to all areas except the backstage area of the art gallery, the private bar, the security room and the server room.

That’s all you need to know about how to take on the Dubai Chameleon Challenge in Hitman 3. In the meantime, you can check out our Hitman 3 guides here.

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