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CSGO rank distribution explained: How many Silvers and Golds are there in the world?

CSGO is by far one of the most popular FPS games. The game has also become one of the most popular winter sports titles, attracting major sponsors, highlights and incredible amounts of money.

CSGO’s competitive gameplay and rating structure play a big part in the game’s popularity and why it is so popular in the competitive world.

In this article, we will talk about the distribution of ranks in the CSO, the percentage of players who are at a certain rank, and how you can move up in rank if you think you are stuck at a certain rank.

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There are six grades that fall into the Silver category, from Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master, also known as EMS. These six ranks represent about 33% of all CSU players.

Gambling on any of these levels can be very boring and even dangerous to your health. Here is an overview of the six ranks….


These players are at the very bottom of CSGO’s skill tree. About 4.51% of the players have difficulty with this ranking. There’s not much to say about these players, except that they are new to FPS games and are learning the ropes.

Silver 2

Not much better than Silver 1 in terms of technical ability. The score is 4.33% of all CSU players.

Silver 3

The only difference here is the number after Silver. Although the players are slightly better than Silver 1, they still have a long way to go. The score is 4.39% of all players.

Silver 4

The skill level goes up a bit here, but you’ll still run into P90 noobs who think CSGO is all about hunting down the B’s and firing their weapons with their eyes closed.

There are 5.37% of players in this ranking.

Silver Elite

The players are finally starting to understand the basics. In the next two rounds, you can give up in a competitive match and not get caught in a fireball. The score is 6.70% of all players.

Elite Master Silver

If this is your first time playing CSGO and you already have experience with FPS, this will probably be your first. The players here have an idea of how the mechanics of the game work, and even though they are not the most technically savvy, they try to keep a steady pace.

This represents 7.70% of all CSU players.

How do I get money out?

If you’re unlucky enough to get a silver medal or worse, it’s best to perform well individually in each round to get out from under it.

Take the game seriously, as the other nine players on the server probably don’t. It will be difficult and frustrating to say the least, but if there’s one rule for ranking, it’s CSGO, it’s a chore.

Learn the cards, know how to look at them, master the moves, learn a few tricks, learn how to trade with your teammates, and take your time at every turn.

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Golden Nova’s four ranks represent 34.23% of all CSU players. These are also the tightest ranks in the game, meaning it’s easy to move up and complete tasks.

Nova Gold 1

The players here have a good understanding of the fundamentals of OSCG and are ready to develop their skills further. They’re not exactly healing gods, but they don’t miss 30 bullets by standing still.

The percentage is 8.52% of all players. It’s also a very popular candidate for first place, provided you run a few good races in your first ten.

Golden Nova 2

The players here have consistently performed well in the rankings so far and are making steady progress towards the CGSO. Players know their cards, weapon preferences and balls. The ranking has 8.81% of all players, making it the most popular CSO ranking.

Golden Nova 3

To top it off, in Gold Nova 2 this rank has finally understood that there is a game economy and that you need to buy or manage weapons accordingly. The level of skill in handling, aiming and moving weapons is definitely better too.

The percentage is 8.73% of all actors.

Gold Nova Master

8.17% of all CSGO, Golden Nova Master or GNM players are ranked first under the Golden Nova umbrella.

The players here know their job and do it very well.

How can I move up in the Golden Nova ranking?

If you hold one of these ranks, you are below the average skill level of an OSCG player. Although the players here know the basics, it’s the little things that make the difference.

Learn to recognize backward movements and know when to spray, crack or hit. Learn how to make the most of your help, how to hold your positions and most importantly how not to bend when playing under pressure.

There are also four grades that represent 23.01% of all players on the jump team. The percentage of grades is also dropping because each grade requires more work to advance and there is not much to learn.

Concierge Manager 1

A highly respected title. MG1s often compete with the top tier Golden Novae and are feared in the lower tiers. MS1 has 7.39% of all players.

Main guard 2

The ranking is 6.30% of all CSU players. The capabilities are not much different than the MG1, they are just a bit more refined.

Master Guardian Elite

Cool tricks like bunny jumping are no longer optional for these players. They know the game and can hit back with a big punch. The games here are starting to get extremely tactical. This represents 5.25% of all CSU players.

Distinguished Master Guardian

In the final under the title of Master Guardian, the DMG represents 4.07% of all players.

Note from the chief custodian

Now you have nothing left to learn. Again, it’s the little things that will ultimately make the difference. The way you approach the game mentally and tactically, the way you manage the economy of your team and many other things play a role.

Then CS starts to look more like a mind game. Almost all players have the same playing strength. Your mental approach to the game will make the difference here.

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In just two places, the LE are very good CSGO players who have the potential to break through into the professional CSGO scene. The rating covers approximately 6.35% of all civil society actors combined.

Eagle Legend

The scope for improvement in this area is becoming increasingly limited. You really have to concentrate on every detail. A bad reboot here, a bad reboot there can change everything. The percentage is 3.16% of all players.

Legendary Eagle Master

There is not much difference in skills between the two ranks here, considering that LEM is only 0.3% higher than LEM. 3.19% of all civil society actors have the rank LEM.

How do I get a place in the Legendary Eagle?

Now it’s a matter of finding the right rhythm. You’ve reached a point where you need to train constantly just to maintain your level, let alone improve it further. Don’t stop, it’s the only way out of here.

With about 2.61% of all CSGO players and ranking just below Global Elite, you’re no worse off than GE if you’re here. Honestly, all you have to do to be consistently ranked is win games.

Finally, the highest possible score in a competitive CSR is 0.78% of all CSR actors. You’ve reached the top, enjoy it.

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The distribution of ranks in CSGO is spread across a total of 18 ranks, from Silver 1 to Global Elite. Today we’ll look at each row of the spectrum in detail and assess the characteristics of each. If you get stuck at any point, we’ll also give you tips on how to get out.

What percentage of CSO actors are silver actors?

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How many C’s does the world elite have?

There are 18 ranks in CS:GO, and only 0.3% of players reach world elite. To learn more about the explanation of ranks and the distribution of experience, see our article CS:GO Ranks – Everything you need to know in 2020.

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