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Bringing You the Latest of Everything: iProVPN Review

Are you a technology fanatic? Do you like to test the latest versions of everything or the newest technology on the market? Are privacy and security on the Internet one of your biggest concerns? Then you should be familiar with VPNs.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that creates a private connection for a user from a public connection. It allows users to exchange and receive data over the Internet using a public network, as if their sending and receiving devices were connected.

On the other hand, it also guarantees your online safety and privacy by ensuring that you remain anonymous. Speaking of VPNs, our blog today focuses on one of the newest entrants to the VPN market, iProVPN! We’ll be testing iProVPN and its services, and whether it’s worth buying.


iProVPN Overview

iProVPN is a VPN recently launched in the British Virgin Islands that aims to provide you with military-grade security services with a variety of features such as 256-bit AES encryption, P2P optimization, and more.

Moreover, it is compatible with many devices and software. iProVPN has an application for almost all software such as Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Linux, etc. There are also extensions for Chrome and Firefox. However, since this is a new project, the available sites and services are limited.

Moreover, iProVPN also claims to bypass almost all geographical restrictions and provide you with a safe and hassle-free torrent.

In terms of value for money, iProVPN has a reasonable price range, it can’t be said to be the cheapest VPN on the market. There are probably other cheaper alternatives, but not all of them share your favorite streaming paths.

iProVPN currently has 3 rate plans:

iProVPN pricing

  • 1 Monthly Plan: $10 per month
  • Annual Plan: $2.9 per month, but billed annually for $34.95,
  • Biennial plan: $2.1 per month, but is billed at $49.95 every two years,

In addition, they constantly offer multiple deals and packages that allow you to save even more money. They currently offer a free 30-day trial when you subscribe. They even have a 30-day money back guarantee if you have a problem or want to cancel your subscription within the first month.

iProVPN Features

Here are some of the best features we found with iProVPN.

256-bit AES encryption

With the promise of military-level security, this functionality is built into the iProVPN application. It guarantees your security and privacy by encrypting your data and ensuring that no one can intercept it.

Advertising Blocker

The Internet has become the center of advertising, with so many annoying and repetitive ads everywhere. iProVPN and its ad blockers ensure that these ads do not bother you when you are online.

Internet switch

In addition, iProVPN’s “kill switch” ensures that your identity is never compromised, even if the VPN connection is interrupted. If your VPN connection experiences a problem and is interrupted, the “kill switch” option automatically destroys your connection to the public network to preserve the confidentiality of your identity.

Circumventing geographical restrictions

iProVPN guarantees that it will unlock all location blocks for you, it guarantees that it will overcome all geographical restrictions and give you instant access to all websites. iProVPN has proven that it will let Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, Disney+ and Hulu overtake hard drives and unlock them for you.

Unlimited bandwidth

iProVPN unlimited bandwidth

Moreover, you can download as many items as you want, since there are no restrictions. You can broadcast or share large files over the Internet – not only do they remain safe, but their size doesn’t matter!

Intelligent connection

With Smart Connect, iProVPN automatically determines the best server for each user based on their speed and needs. It is customized specifically for you to give you the best connection.

Fast and safe rentals

With iProVPN, you can now enjoy sharing or receiving files via torrents. Because it keeps your IP address anonymous, torrents are made easier with unlimited bandwidth and optimized P2P servers.

P2P optimization

If you happen to download a torrent or download and send large amounts of data, iProVPN’s P2P optimization ensures that your downloads and uploads are completely safe without compromising security.

Why iProVPN?

With globalization and advances in digitization/technology, the growth of cybercrime and general online vulnerability is stagnating. The need for security when browsing the Internet never goes away.

When you subscribe to iProVPN, it guarantees security and privacy during your online session and provides complete anonymity so that criminals or trackers cannot take possession of your internet traffic.

In addition, iProVPN not only offers the current security benefits, but also allows you to access blocked websites, such as geographically restricted websites or websites blocked by the government or ISP, as mentioned above.

iProVPN security

Final Judgment:

In conclusion, we believe that iProVPN is an effective option if you are looking for exceptional privacy and security features and services. If your main concern is streaming and torrenting, then the VPN is for you!

However, it is not the best in terms of coverage because it is new, its database contains relatively fewer sites, and its coverage is not very comprehensive. Some of its servers also need to be reviewed because they are not as responsive.

Also, it cannot be said to be the cheapest option, you can find cheaper alternatives online. However, if you want quality and reliable security and privacy services, iProVPN is what you need!