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IRL races are always fun. But the table simulator is a worthy alternative!

In this virtual sandbox environment, you can replay all your favorite card and board games and even role-playing games with pen and paper.

But maybe vanilla’s not enough.

Maybe you need a few extra games to play with TTS – and mods are the answer.

Therefore, we have listed the best suggestions for you here, all free to download and easy to set up.

25. chimeric table

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Finding something to play with is certainly crucial to a good night’s sleep – but it’s also important to have a place to play.

The Chimera table is a unified battlefield for six players with plenty of room for all the games you want to try.

It also has several drawers and pull-outs that can be opened and closed via a simple discreet widget at the top of the screen.

It has become a must for me because it allows anyone to organize their dice, tokens, miniatures, cards and even potions in a very realistic way.

24. RPGdice collection

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No (virtual) game room is complete without a colorful dice set to satisfy all your RPG needs.

This mod provides your digital gaming room with more dice with beveled corners – including D2 to D34 with some special dice here and there.

There’s also a cup to cool the cubes, so you can dispose of them in style.

At TTS, you can finally indulge your addiction to dice.

23. UNO

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Everyone knows UNO – and that makes it the perfect game for your virtual game room.

An unlimited number of players can sit down at the UN and play without any prior experience. Excellent for an easy, fast, and fun chase session with other players, so you can call them out if they don’t indicate their last card.

There is also a fully functional version that follows exactly the official rules. Both modifications are excellent.

22. Orgasm!

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One of the most unusual card games available for TTS is OrgasMe! a game where 2 to 6 players compete to see the other highlight first.

I wish I was kidding.

Make no mistake – it can be chaotic and fun, but choosing shmexy moves to attack your friends requires some strategy.

It’s not a big game. But it has a great shock value and is very easy to handle. Even your regular friends will want to play the game!

21. Explanation

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Stimulating role-playing board games and unique card games are all very good.

But some game nights are better served by a simple, classic title that everyone knows.

A murder has been committed and 2 to 6 aspiring detectives must reconstruct the conspiracy, arrogance and persistence of the crime by examining the photographs and sharing their theories.

First one to make a good accusation wins.

We’ve all heard about the clues, but have you ever played it in a simulated board game? Welcome to the future.

20. Anna’s Round Table – Board game

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Anna’s Round Table is a real treat for fans of the Fire Emblem series, with over 190 postcards from over 100 artists.

Depending on the maps you draw, you have the ability to deploy and lead squads on a constantly changing battlefield.

Gameplay will reportedly reflect a number of FE tribes – including the classic weapon triangle.

Pretty deep, all things considered.

If you have trouble watching, check out this video.

19. Bal♥

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Fast is not an adjective commonly used to describe a board game.

But Bullet♥ is unique.

In this relatively simple game, up to four players play the role of a heroine on a futuristic Earth where you must use your character’s super powers to protect the planet.

The moves are simultaneous and the winner is automatically determined as soon as it becomes impossible for a player to lose.

It’s quite complicated and hard to explain – but it’s exciting, and anyone can start it without any prior knowledge.

18. Winter dead

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In many video games, movies and TV series about surviving zombies, the main characters try to escape to an icy place in the hope that the zombies can’t reach them – but what if they can’t?

Dead of Winter is a board game for 2 to 4 players in which you must work with others to guide your colony through a zombie apocalypse, not to mention a scary winter.

Each player has a secret victory condition, but none can be achieved if the colony collapses. It is therefore essential to have a certain team spirit.

This model includes various signs, accessories and detailed models, as well as the Colonies of War and Long Night.

17. Isaac Communications: Four Souls

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The award-winning independent video game finds its way to your bedside table with The Binding of Isaac : Four Souls is a game about sacrifice, hoarding and betrayal.

Up to four players collide in the basement of their mother, one of eleven traumatized children, and defeat end boss after end boss until one of them manages to collect four souls and get out of purgatory.

The pack includes 340 cards from the base game, 68 cards from the exclusive Kickstarter and 98 cards from the Four Souls expansion – plus all the tokens, dice and everything you need to play.

The mod even plays music from the original video game to get you in the mood!

16. Exploded kittens + extensions

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I love games that are easy to learn, but hard to master – and Exploding Kittens is one of those games.

It’s a card game for people in kittens and explosions. Simple, huh?

Players take turns drawing cards from the deck until one of them draws a kitten and is blown up, losing the game – unless he has a spare card that can hide the kitten from him.

It’s like Russian roulette, but with kittens and surreal humor.

This fantastic scripted TTS mod includes the Soaring Kittens, Crawling Kittens and Barking Kittens expansions.

15. Frost Punk: Board game

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This is the official version of Frostpunk : The TTS simulation board game lets you control the last city on Earth during a cataclysmic ice age for up to four players.

You must develop infrastructure, manage resources, and solve complex moral dilemmas while balancing the well-being of your citizens and the survival of the city – as well as your own state of victory, which must be kept secret from other players.

This mod includes detailed 3D models, a beautiful game board, and automates many of the most annoying aspects of Frostpunk.

14. Heroism: Main revision

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Classic HeroQuest can be a bit monotonous if you’re playing a physical game.

There are too many things to enter and control, and that’s what makes GMOs real.

Well, this TTS mod helps speed things up by scripting different aspects of gameplay. Your Game Master can now concentrate on creating a better gaming experience while you (and up to seven other players) make sure your characters are safe in these treacherous dungeons.

He really manages to capture the magic of the classic game and make it more accessible to newcomers and people who simply don’t have the time to memorize all the rules.

13. Kingdomino + Quindomino

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Kingdomino is an award-winning game in which up to six players compete to expand their kingdom by taking turns annexing cornfields, lakes and mountains represented by dominoes.

The rules for placing a domino are simple: at least one of its sides must be in line with an adjacent domino.

Play continues until each player occupies the 5×5 grid or fails miserably.

It’s easy to grill, but there is a strategy for choosing the best tiles that makes the game fun for beginners and experienced players alike.

12. Lunar Observer

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This game follows five space mercenaries as they battle for control of the largest coalition of criminals in the galaxy, the Lunar Crossers.

Once you’ve built your ship, form temporary alliances to sign well-paid contracts and skillfully negotiate prestige and other rewards – but don’t be too insistent, or your allies may decide to betray you.

The first to reach 10 prestige points wins.

The update of TTS Moonrakers perfectly reproduces the real gameplay and makes everything easier by adding some features like. B. cleaning the tactical zone and rejecting/pulling cards, according to playbook.

11. Veiled fate

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Produced by IV Games – the same people who made Moonrakers – Veiled Fate lets up to eight players play as powerful gods trying to take over the mortal world of their favorite demigod champion.

The fact is, you don’t necessarily control the demigod you prefer – and you have no idea who the other players are trying to get up there.

So it is a game of influence while hiding one’s intentions. Distract others with witty jokes as you carefully prepare the way for your champion to take the lead.

10. Betrayal at home on the hill

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In Betrayal at the House on the Hill, 3-4 players explore a seemingly haunted area.

They all work together to investigate until one of them turns on the others. Classic.

You’ll encounter ghosts, disturbing characters and betrayals from your fellow players as you explore a mansion of your own design – unless you let this TTS mod scenario do it for you.

The game modification includes all the cool miniatures, character cards and special tokens that were in the original board game to recreate the atmosphere of Night of Fear.

It also includes the expansion of the Widows’ March, which can be played by up to six people.

9. Glumhaven – Fancy Frame

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In Gloomhaven, up to four players embark on adventures and enter a dark and dangerous world full of dungeons to explore, monsters to fight, and riches to find.

Everyone has different reasons for visiting Glumhaven – and therefore different requirements for winning.

You will have to cooperate with others to accomplish the most difficult tasks, if this work serves your purpose, which is to approach victory during several game sessions.

This TTS mod is fully scripted and has an easy to use interface that will make playing in Gloomhaven much faster and more dynamic. Everything is automated, from character creation to monster battles.

It also contains everything the original game consisted of, including detailed models for characters and monsters, and a high-quality game board.

8. Spooky Island

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Spirit Island sees up to six players take on the role of nature spirits on a pristine island just discovered by the colonial empire – and loot the lot.

Take turns scaring intruders or openly attacking them to keep them at bay.

You can also enlist the help of local native tribes or destroy parts of the island yourself – all of which are restored once the invaders have been eliminated.

Spirit Island could be better in TTS than in IRL, thanks to the wonderful scripts of the mod’s creators. This script automates some aspects and can also set up the game randomly.

7. Dark Souls: Board game

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Based on the award-winning game Dark Souls by FromSoftware : In this board game, up to four players take on colossal beasts in a world as treacherous as its inhabitants.

This deeply immersive strategy game consists of exploring the world as you travel through it.

Fighting is a profession in itself and is all about endurance management like in a video game.

One of the best parts are the beautiful miniatures of the characters and enemies, all scanned and added to the mods to ensure authenticity.

It can be hard to get into the game at first, but it’s worth it.

6. ROAD + extensions

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ROOT was a success in its first release, and is still a success in this scripted version of the TTS mod.

The cats have taken over the forest, and various factions have risen up to defend their interests and drive the invaders from their former homes.

ROOT is an asymmetric board game for 1 to 6 players, meaning that not all players start the game with the same resources or have the same winning conditions.

It depends on what faction you play in.

The cats try to maintain their power over the forest, the Eyrie try to reclaim the forest from the air, the Alliance hides in the shadows and sets traps…. and so on.

5. The oath – Chronicles of empire and exile

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The Oath is a unique game for 1 to 6 players in which you and your opponents shape the history of an ancient land.

Each player plays the role of an exile who must gather support, recruit warriors, and find vital information that will give him an edge in battle, so that one day he can return home and hopefully take control.

What’s interesting is how your actions in one piece affect the next. Every decision you make affects every subsequent game session.

Have fun with this mode.

4. Visitor Katana + extensions

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In 25 years, the classic The Settlers of Katana has grown from a niche game to a huge success – and now you can play it online in a tabletop simulator.

This scripted version of Katana features a board where 5-6 colonists take turns founding new colonies, building cities, claiming resources, and slowly but surely collecting victory points until one of them reaches 10 and wins the game.

The mod includes all the latest game features, such as cities and knights, merchants and barbarians, explorers and pirates.

3. Dungeons & Dragons table – hostel theme

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If you’ve ever been a master of the D&D game, you know how hard it can be to get all the players involved and keep things interesting.

Updating Dungeons & Dragons makes things easier by providing GMs with everything they might need.

There is a weather control panel, resonance panels and the lighting can be adjusted to simulate a dark cave or a sunny field.

There is also a television in front of the GM chair that shows an overview of the table, and a shelf with all the official books of the DnD 5E.

The mod also includes all the necessary playing cards, dice and a box for each player that contains everything you need to start the game. Probably the best D&D mod you can get for this game.

2. Red Dragon Inn – full collection

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The Red Dragon Inn hunts down up to ten brave adventurers, who come together to drink and play once the monsters have been killed and the loot claimed.

One by one the players run out of money or their alcohol level drops until only one is left.

The classic comic strategy game finds its way to TTS in a complete module that allows you to customize the game in an instant.

Just choose your characters, fill out the badges, and the system does the rest.

Message: This complete collection includes all 49 characters, eight Otto games, and every drinking game ever released.

1. Cards Against Humanity + Extensions

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Let’s face it: Deep down, we’re all terrible people – and no game exposes your dark sense of humor and politically incorrect tendencies quite like Cards Against Humanity.

In this incredible party game, players pull terms from the white pile – like Gay, 9/11, and Sword Hitler – and match them with incomplete phrases from the black pile. Why?

To make hilarious and potentially offensive sentences.

Whoever has the craziest, funniest sentences wins.

This mod contains all the holiday cards, as well as the Canadian expansion, the 90 pack and much more.

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