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All Dead by Daylight offerings and uses

Before starting a round of Dead by Daylight, players have the opportunity to choose their items, power-ups, character and the often forgotten victim. Suggestions are small trinkets or items offered to an entity to change the game in some way, whether it’s giving them extra blood points, taking them to a certain place, or keeping them with your friends.

Once an offering is burned, it is removed from your inventory unless another player burns the same offering. If two players use conflicting suggestions, such as B. area-specific suggestions, the rarest suggestion is accepted and the most frequent is returned to the player. If both offers have the same scarcity, they are both returned to the players.

Bonus points

Some offers give bonus points for blood in certain categories. Rare offers increase blood points by 50%, regular offers by 75% and rare items by 100%. The following suggestions are for survivors only.

Bag of fresh bay leafSachet of fresh bay leafSachet of bay leaf

Bag of crispy amaranthSachet of crispy amaranth

Primrose colouringSachet of flavour Fresh Amaranth Flavour Pack Fresh Amaranth Flavour Pack Fresh Amaranth Flavour Flavour Pak Fresh Amaranth Flavour Pak Fresh Amaranth Flavour Pak Fresh Amaranth Flavour Pak Fresh Amaranth Flavour Pak

William Sweet Flavour Pak William Sweet Flavour Pak

Category 25% 50% (total) 75% (unusual) 100% (Rare)
All Categories Sealed envelope (unusual)
All Categories Hardcover
(Rare + All Survivors)

Murderers have their own damn suggestions.

Crown of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Sunshine of Spotted Owl

Category 25% 50% (total) 75% (unusual) 100% (Rare)
All Categories Hollow shell (unusual)

For the annual celebration of the game’s release, there is a special offer that gives all players of the game a 100% increase in blood points in all categories.

  • Bloody Party Streamers (Rare)
    • 100% increase in all categories for all players
  • Gato the Ugly (unusual)
    • 103% increase in all categories for all actors
  • Gato the Ugly (unusual)
    • 104% increase in all categories for all players


Luck is a factor that affects a survivor’s chances of getting out of a bear trap.

Increase of 1 2% increase 3% increase
Chalk bag (normal) Cream pouch (unusual) Ivory chalk bag (rare)
Salt bag (unusual + all survivors) Black Salt Statue (Rare + all survivors) Vigo jar with salted lips (Very rare + all survivors)


Two proposals could change the location of the basement.

  • Blood test (normal)
    • Unlock the Aura from the basement hook in front of you for 20 seconds at the beginning of the challenge.
    • Increase spawning opportunities in the basement of the main building (if possible).
  • Blood test (normal)
    • Unlock the Aura from the basement hook in front of you for 20 seconds at the beginning of the challenge.
    • Increase spawning opportunities in the killer inn (if possible).


The hatch is an incredibly complex attraction. With these suggestions, the hatch will be placed in two specific locations so that it will be more accessible in due course.

  • Annotated Drawing (CommoN)
    • Increases the chance of breeding a litter in the Assassin’s Lair (if possible).
  • Drawing of Vigo (general)
    • Increases the likelihood that the hatch will spawn in the main building (if possible).


Coin offers change in the number of chests found on the map, giving players more or fewer opportunities to find new items.

  • Carved piece (very rare)
  • Scratches (unusual)
  • Cloudy room (unusual)
  • Shiny piece (very rare)


Suggested parentheses change the distance between the parentheses. At longer distances, it is difficult for the killer to group survivors on hooks that are close together. Bringing them closer together makes it much easier to sacrifice survivors.

  • Petrified oak (very rare)
    • Increase the distance by 1 meter
  • Fungi oak (unusual)
    • Reduce the distance by 1.5 metres
  • Lazy oak (Rare)
    • Reduce the distance by 2.5 metres
  • Lazy oak (Very rare)
    • Reduce the distance by 3.5 metres

Black Mist

Dark Mist modifiers change the ease with which survivors can see on the map. They can dispel the fog or condense it to make it harder to see, giving the killers an advantage.

  • Pure reagent (total)
  • Low reagent (general)
  • Cloudy reagent (unusual)
  • Disgusting reagent (very rare)

Memento Moris

Memento Mori allows murderers to do exactly what they were forced to do: kill. If you offer it, you can finish off the survivors you hung up on twice before or hook the wrestling fight.

  • Cypress Memento Mori (Unusual)
    • With this, you can kill the last survivor…
  • Ivory Memento Mori (Rare)
    • Allows you to kill a survivor in the process.
  • Ebony Memento Mori (Ultra Rare)
    • With these you can kill all the survivors…


Shrouds are suggestions that change where survivors spawn on the map. They are useful for keeping targets together and eliminating them quickly. There’s also a killer’s cover to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Union Shroud (unusual)
    • Playing a player with another survivor
  • Shroud of Vigo (unusual)
    • It creates the player furthest away from the killer.
  • Binding shroud (very rare)
    • All survivors will spawn together
  • Partition (killer only + unusual)
    • All survivors reproduce separately


Some suggestions increase the chance of moving a challenge to a specific area or group of cards. The rarer the subject, the more likely the court is to fall within a certain range. Offers of equal rarity cancel each other out.

Rat trap

Rat trap

Yamaoka family crest

Damaged photo

Hawkins National Laboratory ID

Dust loop

Letter to Mary

The kingdom 2x Likely (general) five times as likely. Warranty (Rare)
McMillan Manor MacMillan-Ledger website Signature Record Book Page McMillan’s phalanx
The shaved automatic bandits broken plate Virginia Teller. The key of Azarov
Cold Farm Livestock Day 28 Cattle day 81 Pericardium
The Sanctuary of Crotus Prennus A great ticket P. Elliot Lunasi’s ticket charred wedding photo
Haddonfield Harvest Festival flyer Valve description panel Key to the Strode property
Underwater marsh Smoke Line. Welcome sign smoked Grandma’s cookbook
Leri Memorial Institute Emergency certificate Psychiatric assessment report Broken windows
Red forest Painted Rock River Children’s book Hidden mask.
Gideon Meat Processing Plant
Yamaoka Mansion
Hawkins National Laboratory
Tomb of Glenvale
Silent Hill


Lecterns are special offers that prevent you from losing items after you take the course. They are also trying to prevent the implementation of other proposals.

  • Darkroom (very rare)
    • Prevents the killers from losing their supplements at the end of the trial.
  • Art room (Rare)
    • Discards all records that select a specific task list.
    • Can be used by both assassins and survivors.
    • Cancelled when the voting records of the 4 kingdoms were burned.
  • White Ward (Very rare)
    • Provides survivor protection against loss of items and supplements.

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