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62 Best Math Puns To Brighten Up Your Day

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If you love numbers, you probably already know that there’s nothing better than timely mathematical puns to brighten your day. Math jokes are also a great way to cheer up math class or make your accountant laugh. They are smart, funny and very tasty. Who doesn’t?

With this in mind, let’s go straight to a selection of the funniest mathematical puns on the internet!


13 Best mathematical punches

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Are you ready for the crème de la crème of mathematical puns? This short list will not disappoint you!

Here are 13 of the best math puns:

1. What does the triangle say to the circle? They are useless.

Oops. That’s a funny question.

2. And what was the reaction of the circle to the triangle? I don’t understand where you’re going with this.

Quite a return on investment if you ask us!

3. What is the math teacher’s favorite tree? Geometric.

Not to be confused with Gumtree.

4. What is the best tool for mathematics? Propagators.

That’s always good.

5. How do you stay warm in an empty room? Stand in the corner – it is always 90 degrees.

The real question is: Fahrenheit or Celsius?

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By: Splashing out / Jonathan Kemper

6. I do not understand the meaning of the coins. I am more into fractions.

There is no denying that factions have a certain je ne sais quoi!

7. What was the siren wearing in the maths class? Algae br.

I don’t know if it’s comfortable, but fashion requires sacrifice. We just hope she doesn’t catch a cold; these classrooms can be very drafty.

8. What is the best way to flirt with a math teacher? Use an acute angle.

The last thing you want is to be considered stupid! Math teachers have a pretty high standard in this area.

9. Why are six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine!

Didn’t you know? Poor nine. And to think it’s the first composite lucky number! Probably not so lucky after all.

10. Why did seven people eat nine? Because you need to eat 3 square meals a day!

What can you do? It’s a doctor’s prescription.

By: Pexels / Olia Danilevich

11. Why couldn’t the corner get a loan? Parents would not do this.

Rumor has it they never got along. It’s also a tough economy.

12. How do we know that all x/c, y/c and z/c fractions are in Europe? They are all on C!

I don’t know about you, but a trip abroad would be helpful right now, for example.

13. What does zero to eight say? Good belt.

The hourglass silhouette will never go out of fashion.

12 Short term mathematical word games

three people having a drink

By: Unsplash / AllGo is an application for tall people.

Do you fancy something short and cheerful? Try telling them these little mathematical puns.

Here are 12 little mathematical puns:

14. Why have I shared the sin of tanning? Just because.

Do you always have to have a reason to do something?

15. I just saw American Pie. I give 3.14.

And if you want to memorize the first 100 digits of pi (because who doesn’t?), check out the Pi Song. Wow!

16. Why would you never start a conversation with P? This is going to take forever.

It’s a true story.

17. 44% Statistics.

You can’t believe what you hear on television these days.

18. Speaking of statistics Why is it never anyone’s favorite subject? This is only the average.

You have to admit there’s not much drama.

It's just an average .jpg.

By: Dismissed / Rutson Zimmerman

19. You know what’s weird? Odd number!

There was always something suspicious about them.

20. There is a thin line between the numerator and denominator.

If it bothers you, you can always choose the decimal point. They also save space on the page.

21. Abacus is an instrument you can always count on.

This simple but incredibly useful abacus has been around for about three thousand years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappear anytime soon!

22. Message without 3.14159 is only an arc.

Pi is an irrational number, so what else did you expect?

23. There are ten things you can always count on – your fingers!

Do that twenty if you also bathe your toes.

There are ten things you can always count on - your fingers!

By: Pexels / Pixabay

24. Who invented the Round Table? Mr. Cumference.

He must have been a very important person.

25. Don’t argue with decimals – they always have a point.

Unless you are in continental Europe, South America, or most countries in Asia or Africa, they all use a comma as the decimal separator.

13 Smart mathematics guns

By: Pexels / Savannah Dematteo

You think you’re smart, huh? Well, let’s see if you can get through our very clever math jokes!

Here are 13 clever mathematical puns:

26. How does a mathematician plow the fields? With a tractor.

Who knew vans could be so incredibly versatile?

27. I had an argument with a 90° angle. It turned out to be the right thing to do.

Honestly, they always are, so try not to take it personally.

28. Why is the obtuse triangle always inverted? Because it’s never good.

Believe us, being right is overrated.

Because it is never good. jpg

By: Peksels / Karolina Grabovska

29. Why did the student multiply on the floor? The teacher told him not to use the tables.

Anyway, sitting in a chair is bad for your back.

30. What is the most difficult form to obtain? Space Trap.

And don’t even try to get us off the trapeze – if you don’t know what you’re doing, a fall on your head is pretty much guaranteed. How do people do that?

31. Why do young people always travel in groups of 3, 5 or 7? Because they can’t even.

We can’t.

32. Why do plants hate math? This gives them square roots.

Who can blame them?

33. Why was the equality sign so modest? Because she knew she was no more or less than the others.

This is what we call healthy self-esteem.

By: Pexels / Helena Lopez

34. How do I call a number that cannot stay in one place? The figure of Roamin.

Roman numerals are heavy. Don’t you trust us? Well, then – do you know what the number LXXXVIII means? I don’t think so. The answer can be found here.

35. Have you ever heard of statistics? Probable.

Ha! See what we did there?

36. Are monsters good at maths? Only if you’re Count Dracula.

Although technically he’s a vampire, not a monster.

37. Why do atheists have a problem with exposures? You do not believe in a higher power!

The exhibitors are tough.

38. Today I saw the number 6 playing with the square root of -1…. I said to myself: How cute he is. He has an imaginary friend.

Isn’t that cute?

15 Bad maths points

By: Pexcel / Mental Health America (MHA).

Okay, let’s be honest: The best puns are always the bad ones. There’s just something odd about that awful crunchy pun. So let’s try a few.

Here are 15 bad math puns:

39. Why wasn’t the geometry teacher at school? Because it took a turn.

It’s a perfectly acceptable reason to take time off from work.

40. Why was the maths lesson so long? The teacher is repeatedly at an impasse.

It’s an occupational hazard, really. That’s what math will do to you.

41. How do you solve an equation? Multiply both sides by zero.

It’s the easiest way out: Multiply something by zero and you get zero. So you arrive at 0 = 0. But your math teacher probably won’t be very enthusiastic.

42. Я встретил учителя математики у которого было 12 детей. Она действительно умеет размножаться !

У нее никогда не должно должно быть скучных моментов!

43. Почему номер 288 никогда не должен упоминаться ? Потому что 2 брутто.

Номер 288 – это две дюжины наборов из ичто равнозначно двум брутто.

через : Unsplash / Jametlene Reskp

44. Там был статистик, который утонул, переправившись через реку… Глубина была в среднем 3 фута.

Похоже, он попробовал собственное свое

45. Что вы получаете, когда пересекаете комара с альпинистом? Ничего. Нельзя пересекать вектор и скаляр.

Более важный вопрос – зачем кому-то это вобще понадобилось. We should not forget that we are the ones who are doing the work, the people who are the leaders and the people who are the leaders.

46. How can I do seven in a row? Remove only from.

You can thank us later.

47. Have you ever heard of hidden maths? He has a grip on the pencil.

If that doesn’t scare you, we really don’t know what will.

48. What do you call an Asian who is bad at math? Orphan.

The Tiger Moms have that name for a reason.

By: Pexels / Askar Abaev

49. How many mathematicians does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one. He passes the light bulb to the two blondes, reducing the problem to the joke told earlier.

50. Why doesn’t number 4 come to a nightclub? Because it is square.

They don’t let nasty people in.

60. What did the student say about the equation she could not solve? It’s driving me crazy!

Girl, we feel sorry for you.

61. Last night I dreamed I was weightless. I was on 0mg.

Impressive weight loss!

62. Why was the math book printed? Because he had so many problems.

Maybe you can help me figure it out.

How to choose the best mathematical word games

four people staring at a laptop screen

By: Pexels / Canva Studio

If you’re not very good at math, it can be hard to choose appropriate, funny, and relevant word games for conversation. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether! Just remember a few simple rules, and you’ll always have a good mathematical pun (or two, or maybe even three) up your sleeve – no matter the situation.

Here’s how to choose the best math puns:

1. Consider your negotiating partners

a man looking to the right

By: Pexels / Laker

Before you make your favorite math joke, make sure the person you’re talking to understands it. To understand your pun, they should have some knowledge of math. So little kids or art students may not be the best audience for these types of jokes.

2. Make sure you know the math.

A woman smiles and holds books with a bunch of mathematical formulas in the background.

By: Pexels / Andrea Piaquadio

It’s not enough that the people around you are good at math. If you want to make math jokes, you need to understand the math behind the jokes! Otherwise, you run the risk of telling the joke wrong or not being able to explain it to others. Anyway, your pun won’t quite have the desired effect.

3. Using mathematical word games Economics

By: Pexels / Ivan Samkov

Here, more is less. A few well-chosen puns can work wonders and bring any conversation to life. However, if you do too much, you run the risk of annoying your audience. Besides, you can look like a connoisseur, and nobody wants that.

Downloadable and printable list of mathematical word games

Here is a list of mathematical puns you can download and print in jpg/pdf format (right click on the image and select save as…) :

Downloadable and printable list of mathematical puns in jpg or pdf format.


More fun word games to share or start a conversation

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Did you enjoy our math puns? We don’t know anything about you, but we love the math jokes. Of course they are not for everyone, but that makes them all the more special. Even better, you now have a brand new set of ready-made math word games you can use at your next social event.

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