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20 Best Animal Crossing Dog Villagers (Ranked) –

Who walked the dogs? Who? Who? Who?

Although there are many types of villagers, dogs are among the most popular.

If you’re looking for a new resident, this list is for you. We take you to some of the most popular Animal Crossing villages for dogs.

20. Digby

Digby is Isabel’s younger twin brother; he walks easily and is just as relaxed as his older sister.

Digby runs the Happy House show at the New Leaf. You can find him at the entrance at any time of the day. He’s always happy to help!

And you can also find him at Pocket Camp as one of the lucky Homecoming judges.

19. Porsche

Maybe Porsha wasn’t so friendly at first.

But after getting to know her, she warms up and begins to show you her true loving nature.

She loves presents and surprises. If you keep giving her your attention, she will definitely become your friend soon!

This narcissistic country woman displays her Dalmatian style with a disjointed look, but remains very stylish nonetheless. It really works in that bright purple outfit!

She loves everything elegant and cool, which she shows off in her elegant home, equipped with a record player and a pink bed.

18. Mac

Our favorite campaign bulldog, Mac, is a fitness trainer!

Find him practicing alone or with other villagers in the square or on the beach. The perfect man for you if you want to pump iron.

His competitive spirit sometimes works insidiously on the other villagers, as he can’t resist sharing his criticism of other fitness levels.

He’ll get some nice points for his interior design.

Outside, his house screams with ivy walls and an alcove. He even has a plastic pool in the middle of the room, how cool is that?

17. Marseille

We all know Marcel as a scary looking country dog.

Since the pantomime on his face resembles Marcheau’s, he was probably named after the famous French pantomime artist Marcel Marceau.

He keeps the arrogant villagers on their toes because they often make fun of his appearance.

Even if Marcel is a lazy villager, you will still see him on your island often. But you’ll probably see him relaxing, snacking, napping and generally living a cool life.

Because who doesn’t want to spend a day relaxing?

The interior of his house is the epitome of relaxation. When you enter his home, which is furnished with a futon, a paper lantern, a bamboo speaker and even a goldfish, you enter a state of inner peace. The true definition of Zen.

16. Harvey

If you’re having a good haircut day, don’t miss a visit to Harve Island.

Harvey is a good soul who allows the use of his photography studio on his own island.

It is the perfect place to take memorable photos, whether you are alone or in a group with your fellow villagers. Harvey is more than accommodating.

Although he has a photography studio, he tries to avoid technology. He is much happier when he is outside, absorbed in the world and watching birds.

15. K.K. cursor

This musician has to be one of the most famous canine characters in Animal Crossing since the first game.

Since then, he’s played a big role in the game, and in New Horizons you can expect to see him outside Resident Services every Saturday.

So don’t forget to come back every week. Grab a stool and enjoy the musical refreshment he has prepared for you.

C.K. is a free spirit and travels everywhere to play his music. He even takes requests and gives you a copy of his music after the show. Who doesn’t like free?

14. Benjamin

So, do you like fishing?

While standing on the bar, you will find Benjamin.

A passionate fisherman and fossil collector, he also enjoys spending his free time catching many insects on the island.

Take the time to talk to Benjamin, as he’s sure to tell you a lot about Fashion Guy, the superhero who fights fashion crime, and his alter ego.

When he’s not dreaming about fashion, you can find him lounging under a tree, eating or talking to other villagers.

His lazy personality fits in perfectly with the normal villagers, but it drives a wedge between him and an arrogant and temperamental villager. They don’t go well with his casual lifestyle.

13. Isabel

Where would we be without Isabel and her morning announcements?

It makes our day brighter when we are greeted by their sweet smiles and their stories of the past day.

She is so kind and loving. And you can tell she’s putting a lot of pressure on CK Slider!

You can find her in resident care, working alongside Tom Nook. She is always ready to help you with any problem on the island.

12. Bea

This little dog can’t help but melt our hearts with his sleepy eyes.

Bea is a very polite and well brought up villager. She is very friendly and always willing to talk.

She may be a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, you’ll have a best friend for life!

Although she gets angry when others are rude to her… So we must protect it at all costs.

She has a funky fashion sense and a funky house to match. With a full soup kitchen, you know where to go when you want a midnight snack!

11. Bone

We always have time for another lazy hillbilly, and Bones is no exception.

He’s a typical doggy hillbilly with a big brown eye patch.

You make his day brighter when you give him snacks, because who doesn’t love free food, right?

He’s a nice guy who tries to make you laugh with one of his lame jokes. And his favorite pastimes, of course, are fishing and hunting insects.

He also loves to read, which becomes clear when you visit his home, which is essentially a library. If you need a book, it’s a villager.

10. Butch

This eccentric hillbilly lives up to his name.

With his frown, Butch underlined the tough guy. He may look like a Rottweiler, but deep down he’s soft.

And we often see him wandering around the island singing.

Although he gets along with most of the villagers, he is not very friendly to the pets in the village. And may even try to drag you into the gossip behind their back.

Although he is a musician, his life’s dream is to become a racing driver, which becomes clear during a visit to his home.

Walking into his house is like entering a race track with a road and even a bed of shiny red race cars. He’s definitely living his dream.

9. Tramp

Another of our favorite lazy villagers is Walker.

He is a friendly little puppy who gets along with almost everyone.

If you can’t find him on your island, it’s probably because he’s sleeping.

But sleeping is not his only hobby. He also enjoys catching insects and hunting fossils. Although the arrogant and temperamental villagers find this relaxed lifestyle a bit strange, it sometimes leads to conflicts with Walker. But he knows how to defend himself in difficult situations.

With the cutest little study in her house, it’s the perfect place to sit with a book and relax.

8. Tip

It may surprise you to learn that Shep is at the top of the list with his smug attitude.

But you can’t help but fall in love with his white hair and neat denim jacket.

He is a true gentleman with his sweet and charming conversation and even his occasional flirtations.

He sometimes mentions his hobbies, such as his obsession with trains and his ever-growing collection of plastic bottle caps.

This dog is very well known in the fashion world and will also talk about his clothes from time to time. His fashion sense is as wild as his interior design, with colourful patterns and wooden panels.

7. Maddie

Many fans were left with a gaping hole in their hearts after Maddie failed to appear in both Wild World and Urban Folk.

But in New Horizons, she came back with a vengeance.

The village girl makes them stand in line. She often exaggerates by losing and often turns to the villagers to get the furniture or clothes she is missing – all for the sole purpose of competing.

However, his cheerful nature is reflected in his super cute home.

With its wallpaper and meadow floor, it’s the ideal place to bring snacks and have a picnic.

6. Daisies

This young pup is a very shy and tender villager.

Daisy can get angry easily, she is very friendly and polite to the other inhabitants of the island. Daisy would like to dig up fossils later on, so she can often be seen pursuing her hobby and digging up fossils all over the island.

She gets along well with the other villagers and has an imaginary friend, Moppina, whom she mentions occasionally.

Daisy’s up early too. So you’ll probably find them at home by the end of the day.

It’s worth visiting his home, as the cozy interior is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

5. Biscite

As we approach the top of the list, there is no doubt that Biskit has come out on top here.

His funky style includes a cat t-shirt with laser beams coming out of his eyes…. Need I say more?

His passions are as many treats as he can find, and sleeping.

We often see him walking around the dorm with his hands in the air.

His house screams personality: It’s laid out like a garden, with a picnic basket and even a jungle gym!

4. Happy

Who doesn’t love a lazy hillbilly dressed as a mummy?

Lucky is very friendly and playful. And despite his relaxed lifestyle, his favorite thing to do outside of resident services is socialize with other residents.

Lucky gets along with almost all the villagers, although he finds it odd to make jokes about them when their opposing lifestyles clash.

The outside also matches his house, as the inside is decorated like a graveyard, with a skeleton and even a tombstone. Scary!

3. cherry

Cherry is your big sister. She is very friendly and quickly dispels the rumours that are circulating on the island.

She has to be one of our favorites, with a super cute smile that she wears 24/7.

She is caring and very kind to everyone. Is the stinger a bee? No problem, Cherry will be there to give you the medicine you need.

His house is beautiful, decorated with a city wall and a big pink bed. It fits perfectly with his eccentric appearance.

2. Biscuit

There is no doubt that Cookie is one of the cutest village girls around, with her super cute looks and matching sweet personality.

This cheerful villager is always in a good mood and willing to spread positivity across the island.

Her dream is to become an actress. But she also has fun fishing and catching bugs on the island.

This pink puppy has decorated his home in every shade of pink, from a beautiful bed to a pink heart carpet, it’s a pink lover’s dream.

1. Goldie

So our favorite villager has to be Goldie.

She is motherly to you and the other villagers and always willing to help.

Goldie regularly feels bad when she has to ask for a favor. But with her gentle nature, you can’t help but do your best for her.

She is super sensitive and often sad, but she is also easy to comfort.

And it’s easy to make friends with her: Eventually she will ask you for clothes, and if you give them to her, she will reward you with a nice picture of her.

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